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Swati went above and beyond to help my family find a great home.

We were an out-of-state relocation, and she was patient and understanding throughout the whole process. She provided in-depth insights and expertise about the unique homes and neighborhoods. She helped us see the vision regarding each home's potential both immediately and in the future. She was organized and thorough in her approach. She always made the time to discuss different potential options and alternatives.

Lori Serradas

Swati is just wonderful.

She went above and beyond in our case by dealing with our existing tenants who were very difficult, but yet helping us identify great new ones. She was tactful, responsive and extremely professional. I would highly recommend Swati

Sujay Sharma

Swati is a great realtor who embodies sharp business acumen and great personality.

She is keen on ensuring her clients are completely satisfied with their real estate decision and will push herself towards achieving that goal. She is a top-tier professional who is not happy just pushing the transaction through, but works tirelessly to tailor the experience to suit her clients needs. I'd recommend her to anyone in the market - buying or selling.

Sandeep M.

Swati, just a note of thanks for all you (and Brooks!

) did for us in finding our new home, and helping us get settled! You’ve been incredibly generous, and we truly appreciate all you’ve done. We’re eager to recommend you to others looking for a realtor! Hope to see you around Oak Park/River Forest!

C P & J P

It was my co-worker who referred us to Swati and they spoke highly of her, so we decide to use her service to sell our first home.

Swati did NOT disappoint at all! She is very patience at educating us the process of selling a home, handled us throughout the process, and was able to help us to negotiate with the buyer at a price point where we are both satisfied. Too bad she only caters to Oak Park neighborhood or else we would've used her service again to purchase our new home in Chicago.

Emil Setiawan

Swati was incredible!

Her professional expertise and her soothing manner are like an emotional salve when dealing with a real estate market that has not worked in your favour, as it was for us. She stood steadfast in her guidance of us through a very emotional process connected to the sale of our  first home, while beautifully accommodating our personal preferences (and demands!) without judgement, and with customer service perfection. But that is just her way! Her sweetness is intertwined with her professionalism in such a way that you don't know where one begins and the other ends. She personifies above and beyond, several times over. We are fortunate and deeply grateful to have had her assistance and expertise in the process, and would recommend her without reservation.

T. Pai

Swati was helpful both in finding a home as well as navigating the process from offer to closing.

She understood what we were looking for, and didn't pressure us to move on a property just to make a sale.

Matt Farley

Dearest Swati, I felt it was time to send you a heartfelt handwritten thank you note.

 I can't express my gratitude for all you've done for me during the few months I've known you. From helping me find my condo, to supporting me through the process of purchasing and moving, to helping me make my place feel like home, you have been remarkably wonderful and generous. Thank you for your guidance and friendship, as well as the thoughtful gifts [....]! May the kindness you've shown to me return to you in the same generous and beautiful way it was given.Sincerely, [M. H.]


Swati is amazing to work with!

Her hands-on approach leaves the owner without any worries as she applies her dedicated passion to each project and listing. We love having her as our agent and feel as though she's an extended partner of our team! She truly represents Baird & Warner at an elevated level.

Tim O'connor

Swati is an excellent agent and has been extremely helpful & knowledgeable throughout the entire process.

I am even more impressed and grateful that Swati has continued to help me as we've had post-closing issues with the sellers. She could have stepped away since the closing is over but instead she continues to check in with me and help get these final issues sorted. Swati is an amazing agent who I highly recommend to anyone I know looking to buy or sell a home.

Punj G.

We had an outstanding experience with Swati - extremely professional and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her, especially if you're looking for a home in the Oak Park area.

Swati was highly recommended from a social media group and though we interviewed other seemingly good candidates, after our candidate interview, we chose Swati and we do not regret it. Her presentation of potential homes was beyond my expectation - and presentation is a big deal for me! She was well organized and always responsive, which I appreciate. She helped identify homes that would work for our family needs and was not shy about giving her recommendations, which was helpful. To the very end, Swati was amazing - thinking of things we never would have thought of, even after we moved in.

Neeketta Reed

Swati was a phenomenal realtor to work with.

She has a strong knowledge of the market and the area and also had excellent suggestions and advice.

Julia Johannpeter

Swati is great.

Really on top of her game.

Benjamin Newwtown

From list to close, Swati did an amazing job of selling my condo.

She priced it right and we had an offer in 48 hours. She was there each step of the way and made a difficult time so much easier.

Tiffany Martinelli

Swati was excellent to work with.

She listened to my goals and recommended the right strategy for me to be successful in the market conditions. She also has an excellent eye for staging and photography so my home looked inviting to buyers. The proof came from receiving an offer less than a week after listing the property while other similar units have been sitting on the market for months. She kept me apprised of next-steps through out the process and her communication with all parties helped move us to a successful close.

Rebecca Eby

Swati is truly a pleasure to work with.

We bought and sold with her. She is highly resourceful, knows the neighborhoods really well and has answers to all questions. She is extremely professional, patient and caring. I cannot recommend her enough!

S. M.

Swati Saxena was an incredible realtor for my family.

She helped us through the emotional process of getting our house on the market and saying goodbye to years of memories as well as helping us find the perfect house for our combined and new family. She helped navigate through all the pieces of the selling process as well as buying process. We appreciated all of our thorough communication. It was a pleasure and easy working with Swati. We will definitely recommend her to anyone in the market to buy or sell.

Corinna Schroeder

Swati is great.

Really on top of her game.

Benjamin Newwtown

Very easy to work with, friendly, good communicator.

Made selling an easy and stress free experience.

Kevin Cooney

We could not be happier with the experience of working with Swati.

She was very strategic in selling our home. She was a great listener and very resourceful in terms of arranging the contractor logistics as well as investing the appropriate amount of money in order to market the house. The  negotiations went well and the closing went very smoothly.

B. Walke

Swati is an amazing realtor.

She creates an immediate sense of ease upon initial consult regarding putting one's home on the market. Her knowledge of the market and ways to maximize your home's selling potential are excellent resources to have and she makes herself available at all hours of the day. She recognizes the emotional aspect of selling one's home too which helps make the transition a much easier one. Overall, her skill set and personality make her one of the best realtors I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She is an expert through and through and goes far and beyond to make your experience a positive and enjoyable one.

Erik Weitz

At the start of our home-buying process, I sent Swati an unnecessarily-panicked message requesting her help.

Unbeknownst to me, she was in the middle of running a 200-mile, 2-day marathon relay. No problem, I'd probably hear from her in a day or two when she was rested and recovered. But no, she  somehow was able to send me a response, with detailed market data, FROM THE MIDDLE OF THE RACE! I know that sounds like something you'd see in an over-the-top ad about a Real Estate Superhero, but it really happened! I was not a first-time buyer, and with all of today's Internet tools, I initially figured I wouldn't have much need for a full-service buyer's agent this time around. But wow, in retrospect, I sure was wrong, and we would have had a much more difficult (and potentially costly) experience without Swati's knowledge, support, and guidance. Whether it was her human insight vastly improving a computer-generated market analysis, her sidewalk therapy sessions calming my unexpected emotional surges down back to their normal android-like level, or her sure and steady advice when negotiating our final deal, we would have been adrift without Swati's help. I tend to be an extreme do-it-yourselfer with almost everything in life, because I find that I can quickly teach myself to do things close to (or even above) the level of many so-called "professionals". And I'm sure we could have ended up with an agent who would have made me gripe about why we didn't just carry that philosophy into home-buying. But luckily, we had Swati on our side, where not only does the word "professional" fully and truly apply, but people might even be talking about "hall of fame" someday soon...

Scarred by an horrible experience with our previous home purchase, we were very careful in choosing the real estate agent for our next home buying/ selling process.

Swati came highly recommended, and after meeting her we felt we could fully trust her. During our long path, she was knowledgeable, clear and most importantly she was very patient and prevented us for making any mistakes. The buyer’s market this year has not been ideal, nevertheless she never rushed us and every time we wanted to make an offer she reminded us why a property wasn’t appropriate for us. Until we found our home! Swati also helped us selling our condo. We had a very good offer in less than a week and the negotiations went very smoothly. Swati had only good advices and recommendations for us. The professionals she relies on are as professional as she is: we had great experience with the lenders, the lawyer, the inspection agent and the contractors. On top of all, Swati goes beyond being a professional real estate broker. She is a kind, caring and empathic person who knew how to support us at every step of our long process, relieving a big part of the stress. We would recommend Swati to anyone, and we also feel we could not have a better real estexperience. We are truly grateful to have found Swati!

Elisa Bovo

Swati was excellent.

We live in Texas, so it was definitely a concern trying to sell an old property in Illinois. But Swati was on top of everything, helping us get it listed, get it shown, get it sold, and get it closed. We couldn't be happier.

Chris Noble

We had an excellent experience with Swati.

She was thorough in her analysis, detailed in her recommendations, and made the customer experience enjoyable. We recommend Swati without reservation.

P. Pathak

My husband and I cannot say enough good things about Swati.

She is the best for sure! So patient and kind. She listened to our wants and entertained our thoughts about every home we were interested in...even the not so great ones. She was never pushy. Anyone can tell from working with her that she  genuinely cares about her clients and their families. We so appreciate her for that. All in all, we would not have been first time homeowners without her!

Deanna Barnes

I could not recommend Swati highly enough!


Swati was great.

I felt very confident going in to this process with her despite issues I'd had over the years trying to buy in Oak Park with other realtors.

Tiffany Martinelli

Swati is simply the best.

Always professional, always personable. She knows the market, and she is always prepared to make the process of buying/selling a home smoother. Swati was recommended to my wife and I by two friends of ours that were former clients. I said to myself, "Well, if Swati can  make both ____ and ____ happy, she must be something." She is, and I frankly think anyone would consider themselves fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her. I know that we were. In the end, Swati is the type of professional that will help you make a better decision than you would have otherwise, all while instilling a sense of confidence--both in her as an agent and in you as the client making the decision to buy or sell. In a transaction as emotion-packed as buying or selling a home, that ability is worth its weight in in the precious metal of your choice.


Selling a home can be a stressful experience, especially during the COVID environment.

Swati kept me up to date on changing conditions and adapted our marketing plan accordingly, and despite the COVID-related challenges helped to sell my condo at my target price and ideal timeline. Swati also provided spot on advice with respect to staging/home prep suggestions, which enabled my property to sell quickly. During the uncertain times of COVID, having a trusted professional like Swati as my realtor gave me peace of mind. I can’t recommend Swati highly enough!

Denise Voelker

Working with Swati was great.

She was very knowledgeable and responsive and I felt that she always had my best interest in mind. I’ve recommended her to others and will continue to do so!

Elayne Klein

Swati is a masterful real estate professional.

She and her conscientious and talented team knew we were stressed. They helped us through each step of the process from prepping the house to get it ready to be sold, to clearly communicating showings and managing the details of the sale. Swati is knowledgeable, kind, and professional and we couldn't have asked for a more competent realtor to get us through this challenging time.

Mary O'toole

Impressed by the skill and professionalism of Swati from day one to the closing and beyond.

Elisa Bovo

Swati was practical and realistic but always positive, even when I had to adjust my expectations.

With her extensive knowledge of Oak Park and the market, she helped me get a great deal on a really nice condo in a perfect neighborhood.

Elizabeth Hanson

Swati is a great listener!

She is such a positive person. She offered very specific helpful advice to sell our house but listened to our needs and concerns. She was always a text or call away and I really appreciated all her guidance through the process of staging & selling our first home. She is  patient and I felt more relaxed knowing she was looking out for our best interests.She knows the Oak Park market very well. I highly recommend her as an agent.


Swati did a great job advising me on pricing and was able to bring in a great offer in less than a week.

Swati is very responsive and helpful at every step of the process. Great experience - I highly recommend Swati's services.

Brenda Treml

Swati was 100% on our team from the very beginning.

Our home buying process lasted about two years, and she was with us during the ups and downs. She was patient with us and explained the entire process very well. We always knew we had a trusted advisor in Swati. She saw the potential in homes and has a great eye for every aspect of home buying. She was always patient and kind and was professional with other parties involved. It was always evident that she cared about us and was invested in helping us find the right home for us. I would not hesitate to recommend Swati!

Jamie Winchell

My overall experience with Swati was excellent and I would use her in the sale or purchase of my next home and would recommend Baird and Warner and Swati to my friends and family.

Dennis M

Swati was consistently professional, patient, and kind throughout our unusually complicated home sale process.

She demonstrates the depth of her experience and truly went above and beyond all expectations to provide education and support as needed. I couldn't have found a better agent, in the full sense of the word. I will recommend her to any Oak Park buyer or seller without reservation.

Amy Rouse Ho

Swati was very helpful in all areas, especially when issues arose that she had to handle for us as we were already out of town.

She was an amazing asset and glad she was on our team!

Bart Brooks

Dearest Swati, Thank you for your tireless efforts to find us a home.

It turned out to be a crazy ride, but with a happy ending! :)We could not have done it without all your hard work, counsel, positive attitude and commitment to us.We enjoyed searching for homes with you and appreciate that you took us to so many in so many different areas, while being so patient until we decided on a location. You are a ROCK STAR agent![AS and GT] 


Highly responsive.

It was a lot of work to stage my own condo, but Swati made sure to sell it before end of the first week. Fast sale in a time where others are on the market for 300 days.

Jason Rochon

Swati was amazing.

I'm so happy to have worked with her. She is very attentive to details, letting me know small things that could make each property suit my needs better. She also maintains connections with highly-competent professionals to help with the other aspects of the home purchase.

Rachel Ramaswamy

Swati is an excellent agent.

She consistently goes above and beyond. She's knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and I feel that I can really trust her. I would confidently recommend her to my friends.

Shannon Kazyak

Swati was great to work with.

She was very responsive and thorough. What we appreciated most was the lack of any pressure. She would even steer us clear of over priced real estate even though it would mean a larger commission for her. We trusted and valued her advice. Excellent knowledge base and  very enjoyable to work with. We would recommend her without reservation.

K. Lucas

Swati was amazing!

We cannot recommend her highly enough. She was incredibly patient with us, taking us through all the steps of purchasing a new home in Oak Park. She is an expert in all things Oak Park, but also very attentive to her client's needs. We were looking for a home to build our family,  but also wanted to be close to public transit and within walking distance to parks and restaurants. She tailored her showings to really meet our needs and she was extremely considerate about our time constraints given that we had a baby. More than anything, I really appreciated how thoughtful and frank she was in her feedback and how professionally she managed negotiations on our behalf. We love our new home and we are looking forward to creating great memories. We have Swati to thank for all this and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a home, condo, townhouse, etc.

G. Gracia

Swati was a phenomenal realtor to work with.

She has a strong knowledge of the market and the area and also had excellent suggestions and advice.

Julia Johannpeter
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